MigmaWalktimeTM is a sophisticated pedestrian detector specific for pedestrian walk time extension and ped call canceling. As long as any pedestrian is in the crosswalk, this system will extend the walk time until he or she safely walks through. It offers advanced features including:

  High resolution IR LED stereo camera for day and night
Industrial single board computer (SBC) running Windows XPe
Remote view, configuration and diagnosis using aircard (optional)
Robust pedestrian detection using stereo vision analysis
Two-zone support for reliable detection of pedestrians (configurable)
Coordination of two systems for crosswalk over 160 ft
  Image Sensor: 1/3 Sony CCD Chip
  Camera Horizontal Resolution: 700 TV lines
  Camera Mounting Height: 18  ~ 20 ft
  Camera Power: Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  IR Range: 100 ft (~30m) in total darkness 
  S/N Ratio: 48 dB
  Cable: Cat5e Ethernet cable
  Temperature: -22 F ~ 158 F (-30 C ~ 70 C)
  Humidity: 0% ~ 96%
  Operating Environment: All weather, day and night
  Chassis Dimension: 8.5(L)6.5(W)2(H)
  Stereo Camera Dimension: 5(L)
  Failsafe and watchdog timer support

  Product installation guide for Campbell APS button can be downloaded here.
   Product installation guide for Polara APS button can be downloaded here.
   Product installation guide for Novax APS button can be downloaded here.
   Product configuration guide can be downloaded
   Product cutsheets can be downloaded

MigmaWalktimeTM utilizes the proven technologies for pedestrian detections at street crossings.

  Analytical video cueing and 3D pattern recognition
Pedestrian detection at both day and night (total darkness)
Operate under any weather conditions
Support both walktime extension and ped call canceling     
Support of APS pushbuttons made by Campbell, Novax and Polara
Over 98% detection rate and negligible false calls per day


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