Image Sensor: 1/3 Sony CCD Chip
  Camera Mounting Height: 12 ~ 14 ft
  Activation Time: 1 ~ 2 seconds
  IR Range: 100 ft (~30m) in total darkness 
  S/N Ratio: 48 dB
  Cable and Power: Cat5e and power over Ethernet (PoE)
  Ambient Temperature: -22 F ~ 140 F (-30 C ~ 60 C)
  Operating Humidity: 0% ~ 96%
  Operating Environment: All weather, day and night
  Dimension (computer): 8.5(L)6.5(W)2(H)
  Dimension (sensor): 5(L)7(W)3.5(H)
  Failsafe and watch dog timer support

   Product configuration user guide can be downloaded  here.
Product cutsheets can be downloaded  here.

   Product installation guide can be downloaded  here.
   Reporter user guide can be downloaded  here.

MigmaPedCountTM Reporter Download
            Step 1: Download environment setup: MCR Installer
            Step 2: Download setup program
                               ClientGUI 32bit         
ClientGUI 64bit     






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MigmaPedCountTM is an outdoor passive pedestrian detector and counter at street crossings. It can count multiple pedestrians walking in groups through advanced pedestrian tracking technology. The pedestrian counting sensor consists of stereo camera and scanning laser. Advanced features include:

High resolution IR LED stereo camera for day/night detection
           High resolution laser scanner for separation of pedestrians
           Industrial single board computer (SBC) running Windows XPe
          Counting large number of pedestrians walking in groups and
             in two directions simultaneously with accuracy over 95%
           Pedestrian counts and/or images are saved locally in USB drive
         and/or remotely at the server in traffic control center
Stored data are organized in terms of timestamps and location
         names such as state, city, intersection and corner
Standalone system utilizing city network for data transmission
           Sensor is powered over Ethernet (PoE)

Simple wiring and connection using CAT5e Ethernet cables










In addition to accurate pedestrian counting, MigmaPedCountTM also provides intersection performance measure that include:

Pedestrian volume at different time
Pedestrian average walking speed 
Pedestrian occupancy per signal phase

A standalone desktop software application can be used to remotely access pedestrian counts and intersection performance measure stored at the server and be graphically displayed at local computers.